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During my teenage years, I used to help out at my sister’s small baking business – and it

was there that I was first bit by the entrepreneurial bug.  To make extra money, I used to help my sister prepare cookies and rice cereal treats so that I could sell them at school.  That's how I paid for my prom dress!

That entrepreneurial spirit continued once I left my hometown in Southern California and moved to Ohio to attend college.  I would sell spaghetti dinners out of my dorm room as a way to earn extra money.  Upon graduating in 1997, I stayed in Ohio and began my career in Marketing at the corporate headquarters of a large retail apparel company.   After working for a couple of years, I decided to move to Maryland in 1999 to attend graduate school.  Upon graduation, I began working as a Marketing Manager for a large telecommunications company.

​Although I was excelling in my career by day, by night I was always cooking meals and baking desserts for our friends and family to enjoy. I couldn’t help but think that there was something more in store for my life. So in 2007, I left my job and started SugarPlum Confections.  My first book, Delicious Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth is a collection of homemade dessert recipes that aim to help those who view baking as a chore to discover the joys in turning a simple, easy-to-follow recipe into a delicious treat that can be shared and enjoyed with family and friends.  It is my hope that you enjoy my cookbook as much as I enjoyed writing it. Happy Baking!

Konya is member of the James Beard Foundation, the International Association of Culinary Professionals and ServSafe® certified in food safety.  She currently lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband and two children.​

About Konya 

​Raised in a family with deep Southern roots, I have always had an amazing passion for
food and entertaining. At a very early age, I was encouraged to learn my way around the kitchen and was exposed to a wide range of homemade cooking and baking techniques.  Most of our family gatherings centered around the dinner table, so I learned early on how to cook and bake, and the strong connection that food has to preserving the love and closeness of family and friends.